Getting Started

Finally getting around to adding a post! Thought I’d start simple and post a few pics of a recent pen turning project.  The top pen is from a piece of Gettysburg “Witness Tree” wood.  Meaning the tree was present at the time of the battle back in 1863.  This particular piece was located at Kuhn’s Brickyard on the north eastern side of town.  Although the engagement here was of short duration, the fighting was intense as Colonel Charles Coster’s Brigade provided rearguard support as Union Troops retreated to Cemetery Hill towards the end of the first day July 1.  Approx. 800 casualties were suffered during the brief encounter.
IMG_1469The bottom pen is a piece of original teak decking from the WWII battleship USS North Carolina.  The ship took part in every major offensive in the Pacific and was the most highly decorated American battleship of the War.

IMG_1473The display case is pretty unique too.  It’s wood from a chunk of barn beam that came from a nineteenth century barn down in Maryland.  I acquired the chunk from a gentleman I ran into at a gas station who had a few pieces in the back of his pick up truck. He indicated that a friend of his tore down an old barn for “reclaimed” lumber and gave him a few of the scrape pieces for firewood.  I’m not even sure what type of wood it is, possibly pine, but by the appearance of the tight pattern of the growth rings it does appear to be “old growth” timber.  Unfortunately I don’t have any other information on the barn or it’s location.

Well, I actually got this blog started.  Hopefully I’ll get in here on a somewhat regular basis.  Your comments, suggestions, critique, etc… always welcome.

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